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Oetiker Aftermarket Constant Velocity Joint Clamp Kit (Driveshaft) Expertainer (124 pc)

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This Oetiker Expertainer Kit is 124 pc kit containing the new Dualhook 259 Oetiker Ear Clamp - designed for use on passenger vehicles constant velocity joints (driveshafts) and offers the following features
• Optimized interlock design: three dual hooks provide
extra high force
• Waved band edge with dimples: enhances band
strength and avoids risk of breakage
• Tongue-in-groove design: provides StepLess® feature
for the whole adjustable range and a smooth sliding into
the recess
• Burr-free strip edges: reduced risk of damage to parts
being clamped

Box Contents

20 x Oetiker P/N 25900000 - 21.1-24.5mm 1 adjustable position
20 x Oetiker P/N 25900001 - 22.5-27.6mm 2 adjustable positions
20 x Oetiker P/N 25900002 - 25.6-30.7mm 2 adjustable positions
25 x Oetiker P/N 25900003 - 28.7-37.3mm 4 adjustable positions
10 x Oetiker P/N 25900004 - 35.3-47.3mm 6 adjustable positions
10 x Oetiker P/N 25900005 - 45.3-65.9mm 11 adjustable positions
12 x Oetiker P/N 25900006 - 63.9-93.1mm 16 adjustable positions
7 x Oetiker P/N 25900007 - 91.1-120.2mm 16 adjustable positions

Product Specifications




Stainless steel, material
no. 1.4301/ UNS

Number of pieces


Number of sizes


Largest clip inside diameter


Smallest clip inside diameter


Hazardous Goods


RoHS Compliant


Oetiker 18500268
SKU: OET-KIT-EXP-124-185

Oetiker Aftermarket Constant Velocity Joint Clamp Kit (Driveshaft) Expertainer (124 pc)

€206,05 (€171,71 + VAT)
5 items in stock.

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